Mini Camps

Children ages 1-5 with an adult buddy

Mini Camps are held year-round. In camp, children ages 1-5 explore nature with an adult buddy through crafts, activities, songs, and stories. Each camp typically includes a snack and 15-20 minutes of outdoor activities.

These camps are a great stepping stone for little ones to spend time with other children with the comfort of a loved one nearby.

Mini Camps are $6/child. All camps meet at Rock Springs Nature Center. Each camp accepts a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10.

Mini Camps - Fall 2020

Chipping Squirrels

Chipping Squirrels

Wednesday, October 7, 9:30-10:30am
Thursday, October 8, 9:30-10:30am

Glimpse acrobatic squirrels and learn about their habitat through song, fur, footprints, and a playful game.

Register online by noon the day before camp.


Nighttime Owls

Tuesday, October 20, 9:30-10:30am
Wednesday, October 21, 9:30-10:30am

Discover the world of owls and owlets through our senses and movement.

Register online by noon the day before camp.


Howl Do You Do

Wednesday, November 4, 9:30-10:30am
Thursday, November 5, 9:30-10:30am

Delve into the nocturnal world of coyotes and wolves as we compare pelts, tracks, and skulls.

Register online by noon the day before camp.


Shining Stars

Tuesday, November 17, 9:30-10:30am
Wednesday, November 18, 9:30-10:30am

Dabble in the colors and designs of the night sky canvas above our heads.

Register online by noon the day before camp.