Earth Adventures

Children Ages 6-12

Campers will explore science, nature, and history through outdoor exploration and play in this full-day, week long camp.

The theme for 2022 is Symbols of Our State. Learn about special animals, plants, minerals, and more that symbolize the state of Illinois. Campers will learn the history of these symbols, then try to find some through engaging activities like canoeing, fishing, breaking geodes, hiking, and more.

Earth Adventure campers should bring a sack lunch. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. We have many adventures in store, so always dress for the weather and for getting dirty!

Camp meets at the Information Shelter at Rock Springs Conservation Area. Pick and choose which weeks to come, or attend all nine from June 6 through August 12. (NOTE: camp will not be held the week of July 4-8.)

In addition to the on-site activities planned each week, campers will also enjoy one day off-site to go swimming and one-day off-site for a field trip. All field trips and activities are subject to change.

Space is limited to 25 campers each week. All Conservation District camps are subject to COVID-19 guidelines for our area, and camp activities are subject to change.

Camp Dates & Times

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
$125/camper each week
Discount: $15 off each week for every additional sibling

Morning & After Care

Children can play games, create crafts, read books, and more.
Morning Care: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am
$15/camper each week
After Care: Monday – Friday, 4pm – 6pm
$15/camper each week
Those who opt for Morning or After Care may drop off or pick up their campers at any time during those hours.

State Flower – Violet | June 6-10

Let’s stop and smell our state flower.

This year we are going to learn about our state symbols! We’ll start with an adventure through the various habitats at Rock Springs and identify different flora. We’ll also discover different uses for flowers as we paint, press, and make natural dye. Our fieldtrip for the week will be Allerton Park and the Mabery Gelvin Botanical Gardens.

State Fish – Bluegill | June 13-17

Go fishin’ for our state fish.

Grab your fishing poles because this week is all about fishing! Join us as we use various nets and traps to catch, identify, and examine local fish species. We will also enjoy canoeing, creek walking, and more. Get a firsthand look at a fish hatchery as we go to the Jake Wolf Memorial Fish Hatchery and take a guided tour of their 160-acre site at Sand Ridge State Forest.

State Insect – Monarch | June 20-24

Our state insect is close to home.

Learn about the history of our state insect, the monarch butterfly, and discover why it’s special to our county. Discover different techniques entomologists use to collect different species and try to catch some on your own. See live bees, create a special craft, and learn how to make your own pollinator garden at home when we visit the University of Illinois’ Pollinatarium.

State Fossil – Tully Monster | June 27-July 1

Discover the legend of the Tully Monster

Journey 300 million years into the past as we travel through prehistoric Illinois and see how much our landscape has changed. We will be looking at various fossils, learning about megafauna, and opening up some geodes. We will visit the Illinois State Museum to see replicas of creatures from the distant past.

Note: No Camp the week of  the Fourth of July

State Mineral – Fluorite | July 11-15

Being obsessed with minerals is my pre-rock-ative!

Campers will become geologists as they learn all about our rocky world. Learn how we use rocks and minerals in everyday life, from toothpaste to asphalt, and venture away from Earth to learn about other planets. We will visit the University of Illinois Observatory to discover some of the mysteries of outer space.

State Nickname – The Prairie State | July 18-22

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… grass?

Campers will learn the history and importance of the prairie – a unique and rare ecosystem. Learn how animals benefit from the prairie, how the prairie influences agriculture, and go on a hike to explore one. We will take a trip to the Museum of the Grand Prairie in Mahomet, IL.

State Reptile and Amphibian – Painted Turtle and Eastern Tiger Salamander | July 25-29

Our state reptile is ‘turtally’ amazing, and the state amphibian is pretty grrrrreat too!

Venture to the forest to turn over logs and rocks to find our state amphibian, and visit some local bodies of water in search of our state reptile. What else will we find? Enjoy canoeing, herpetology lessons, and get the chance to see these animals in person. Campers will visit Scovill Zoo on their field trip this week.

State Mammal – White-Tailed Deer | August 1-5

We love our state mammal deer-ly!

Join us this week to learn all about these bushy-tailed, antlered creatures. We will explore our Conservation Areas and learn what makes a mammal, and even touch some real furs. We will visit Aikman Wildlife Adventure in Arcola, IL.

Our State Symbols | August 8-12

What makes our state special?

How many state symbols are there? Campers will discover other symbols of our state and learn everything from the history of our state flag to the type of soil that supports agriculture in Illinois, and they will try their hand at making our state snack. We will take a field trip to Splash Cove in Decatur.

Need more information? Call (217) 423-7708 or visit the Camps page.