Earth Adventures

Children Ages 6-12

Campers will explore science, nature, and history through outdoor exploration and play in this full-day, week long camp.

The theme for 2021 is Off the Grid. Learn what it takes to be an outdoor survivalist! Campers will learn basic skills to endure the wilderness. We will learn how to make our own tools, tie basic and advanced knots, build shelters, navigate using a compass, and more.

Earth Adventure campers should bring a sack lunch. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. We have many adventures in store, so always dress for the weather and for getting dirty!

Camp meets at the Information Shelter at Rock Springs Conservation Area. Pick and choose which weeks to come, or attend all nine from June 7 through August 13. (Note camp will not be held the week of July 5-9.)

Space is limited to 25 campers each week. Face masks required. All Conservation District camps are subject to COVID-19 guidelines for our area, and camp activities are subject to change.

Online Registration

Camp Dates & Times

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
$125/camper each week
Discount: $15 off each week for every additional sibling

Morning & After Care

Children can play games, create crafts, read books, and more.
Morning Care: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am
$25/camper each week
After Care: Monday – Friday, 4pm – 6pm
$25/camper each week
Those who opt for Morning or After Care may drop off or pick up their campers at any time during those hours.

Rule of Three | June 7-11

Learn the very basics of what it means to survive in the wilderness by learning the rule of three (cold, water, food). We will perform experiments with algae, make fire, and explore the deep woods, learning about our environment on the way.

Plotting a Course | June 14-18

It’s important for any survivalist to be able to tell directions, even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. Nature leaves many clues that can help us find our way. Learn how to read a compass, the time of day based on the sun, and how to find our way north if we’re lost at night.

Making Shelter | June 21-25

Explore the basics of building shelters. Find out what we can use to keep us safe from elements like wind and rain. Then, we’ll build a shelter out of the materials we find!

Water/Food Source | June 28 - July 2

After we have a shelter to protect us, we need to start figuring out a source of water and food. Learn how to make drinking water, what plants you could eat, and the extremes you have to take to find protein.

Note: No Camp the week of July 5 – 9

Survival Necessities | July 12-16

This week we will learn how to signal for help, and think about items we might need to craft. We’ll also explore items we should pack before taking a hike.

Basic First Aid | July 19-23

Nature is home to countless species of plants. Many of these plants have excellent medicinal properties. Learn which plants people such as the Native Americans and European settlers used to sooth aches and pains, and how to care for minor injuries.

Knots & Traps | July 26-30

Making a snare is no simple task, but to secure a better source of food, making traps is key to survival. We will learn how to make rope out of bark, and how to set a few basic animal traps.

Extreme Conditions | August 2-6

Illinois weather isn’t very extreme compared to other parts of our world, but it’s still good to know the basics. We will learn how to make extreme heat more bearable, and what we can do to stay warm in harsh environments like the tundra.

Putting it All Together | August 9-13

Time to put all of our survival knowledge to the test! We will compete (by age groups) in a survivor style competition, and crown the top survivalist of Earth Adventures. Win a big mystery prize by proving the safety, fire, first aid, and trapping skills you gained this summer.

Need more information? Call (217) 423-7708 or visit the Camps page.