Adventure Club

Children Ages 5-12

Children in Adventure Club will explore nature on Tuesday mornings, from 9am to Noon.

The theme for 2021 is Off the Grid. Each week campers will learn something new about the planets, its plants and animals, and how to preserve them. Camp activities include games, crafts, and exploring nature and wildlife.

Camp meets at the Information Shelter at Rock Springs Conservation Area. A fee of $12/camper each Tuesday covers all supplies, activities, and a mid-morning snack. Pick and choose which weeks to come, or attend all nine from June 8 through August 10. (Camp will not be held the week of July 5-9.)

Space is limited to 25 campers each Tuesday. Face masks required. All Conservation District camps are subject to COVID-19 guidelines for our area, and camp activities are subject to change.

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Rule of Three | June 8

Learn the very basics of what it means to survive in the wilderness by learning the rule of three, and exploring Rock Springs. Take home a craft made from materials found in nature!

North, South, East, West | June 15

Learning how to tell directions is important for any survivalist. We will spend the morning learning our cardinal directions, making our own compass, and learning how to tell what time it is by using the sun!

Shelter 101 | June 22

When spending long periods in nature it’s always good to have a base camp that keeps us dry and out of the sun. We will make a shelter and a craft to spruce up our camp to call it home.

Finding Food & Water | June 29

While exploring Rock Springs we will learn what plants would be safe for us to eat in times of crisis (although, you should never eat anything you don’t 110% know is safe, and never without adult supervision). We’ll also learn how to make safe drinking water!

Note: Camp will not be held the week of July 5-9

Survival Crafting | July 13

If we didn’t have an axe, how would we chop down a tree? If we didn’t have a bucket, how would we hold water? Survivalists need to craft many things out of items they find in nature. Join us this week as we learn how to make some of these survival necessities.

Basic First Aid | July 20

Nature is home to countless species of plants. Many of these plants have excellent medicinal properties. Learn which plants people through history have used to sooth aches and pains, and how to care for minor injuries.

Animal Tracks & Traps | July 27

Are those tracks from an opossum or a skunk? Knowing the difference might save you from a smelly situation! We will be learning about animal tracks, traps, and how to place them.

Extreme Habitats | August 3

We will explore and learn about some of the harshest environments our world has to offer. Desserts with temperatures over one hundred degrees during the day and below freezing at night, to tundra’s that drop below -90 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn what some of the world’s best survivalists had to do to survive these ferocious conditions.

Can Tou Tie a Knot? | August 10

Well if you can’t, you’ll learn how to! Any survivalist needs to be able to tie a few basic knots. Learn eight important knots and why they’re important for not just survival, but everyday tasks as well!

Need more information? Call (217) 423-7708 or visit the Camps page.