Adventure Club

Children Ages 5-12

Children in Adventure Club will explore nature on Tuesday mornings, from 9am to noon.

The theme for 2022 is Symbols of Our State. Each week campers will learn a different state symbol and discover where they can find them. Camp activities include games, crafts, and exploring nature and wildlife.

Camp meets at the Information Shelter at Rock Springs Conservation Area. A fee of $12/camper each Tuesday covers all supplies, activities, and a mid-morning snack. Pick and choose which weeks to come, or attend all nine from June 7 through August 9. (Camp will not be held the week of July 4-8.)

Space is limited to 25 campers each Tuesday. All Conservation District camps are subject to COVID-19 guidelines for our area, and camp activities are subject to change.

State Flower | June 7

Take a hike through the forest and learn how to identify local flora, then use flowers to paint, press, and create dye.

State Fish | June 14

Try your hand at catching fish using nets and poles, then learn how to identify them. Campers will explore water in other ways as well, including creek walking and canoeing.

State Insect | June 21

Discover our county’s personal connection to our state insect, then step into the shoes of an entomologist and learn how to catch and identify different insects.

State Fossil | June 28

Learn about our unique and ancient state fossil, then look at some fossils, learn about prehistoric animals, and break open a geode.

Note: Camp will not be held the week of July 4-8

State Mineral | July 12

Test your rock and mineral knowledge as we learn about their importance in our everyday lives. Then, break open a geode and learn how to identify different rocks and minerals.

State Nickname | July 19

Learn why the prairie is such a rare ecosystem, then explore the ways prairie benefits both nature and people. Go on a hike to identify native grasses, then make a craft to take home.

State Reptile and Amphibian | July 26

Turn over rocks and logs and explore the pond in search of our state reptile and amphibian. Campers will go canoeing, learn what herpetologists do, and see these animals up close.

State Mammal | August 2

Discover the life and habits of our state mammal, and find out what makes an animal a mammal in the first place. Campers will get to touch real furs and go on a hike to search for furry creatures.

Our State Symbols | August 9

There is so much more to discover! Learn about more state symbols, from the history of our state flag to the type of soil that Illinois finds most valuable, and take a bite out of our state snack.

Need more information? Call (217) 423-7708 or visit the Camps page.